About Pilgrims Highland Church

We press on….

Functional Harvesters thro’ the Spirit anointing the Word” is the vision statement of the Pilgrims’ Highland Church. In God’s providence, the church came into being on 7th February 1993.

“Our roots go back to September of 1989 when a team of worshipers led by Pastor James Wryht & Pastor Subhash Cherian of Highland Baptist Church of New York, held a powerful meeting at the Nishagandhi Grounds in Trivandrum. A follow up soon saw a fledgling youth fellowship called the Highland Fellowship emerging.  The power of the Holy Spirit impacted young lives and transformed countless lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed all over the city. The contemporary worship and youth festivals attracted many to the cross. 

The Holy Spirit began to prompt us to “launch out into the deep” at the early morning prayer meetings. We were driven to earnestly seek the will of the Lord. Finally, we obeyed with mixed feelings of faith and appreciation as we launched out as a church. We have seen plenty of proof of God’s great faithfulness, of countless lives touched and blessed by the power of the Lord. Pilgrims’ Highland Church have good reason to be thankful to God. Many churches, ministries and ministers have been established and released for God’s glory and His kingdom’s expansion. We are grateful that with the help of the Holy Spirit we “press on towards the mark..not having already attained or already perfected but we press on.”