Messages by Pastor Suresh Cherian, Pilgrims Highland Church, Trivandrum

Faithfulness And Fruitfulness By Ps. Suresh Cherian

To encourage is to build up By Ps. Suresh Cherian

God has a purpose for you By Ps.Suresh Cherian

Opening the pathways for the King's reignBy Ps. Suresh Cherian 20 June 2021

That we may rejoice and be glad all the days By Ps. Suresh Cherian 13 June 2021

Everyday Thro Eternity By Ps. Suresh cherian 7 June 2021

Mothers of Israel Arise By Ps. Suresh cherian 25 May 2021

Pentecost Sunday By Ps. Suresh cherian 23 May 2021

Stones tell their stories By Ps. Suresh cherian May 2021

Seizing the opportunity Ps. Suresh cherian 18th May 2021

And we know that all things work together for good for those who love god Ps. Suresh cherian 18th May 2021

The High Calling By Ps. Suresh cherian 4th May 2021

Intercessors and Open Heaven - 2nd May 2021 By Ps. Suresh Cherian -

'Not Troubled but Believe' by Pastor Suresh Cherian

Message By Ps. Suresh Cherian - As Gold is refined

Message by Ps. Suresh Cherian - A foretaste of the coming Kingdom of God 19 Apr 2020

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Message on Good Friday
10 Apr 2020

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Living Stones 20 Aug 2015

Glory on lake Gennesareth 30 Aug 2015

Under His Wings 21 Sep 2015

Hallowed 2015 at UK 5 Nov 2015