Outreach | Vadakankulam (Vadax) | Mahanaim Choir

FIRE BRANDS Youth Ministry

God is raising up a generation that will look to Him and say “you’re all that we need” and give Him all the glory. We are focused on transforming hearts and lives of young people by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making them remember their Creator in the days of their youth(Eccl 12:1).

We strive to set people on fire and ablaze for God. to spread the warmth of the fire of God and the Light of His fire to everyone we come in touch with. We lead people to a time of worship getting their hearts connected to Gods heart. Equip them with the Word and send them to be the Blazing fire to this lost and dying world. Henceforth the name‘FIRE BRANDS’



Venue : Raja’s College, Vadakankulam
Time : Wednesdays


Vadakankulam (VADAX)

The Vadakankulam outreach began under the Pilgrims Highland Church at the Rajas colleges on 3/3/l994. The Rajas group of colleges include a Dental, Engineering, Polytechnic, Pharmacy and MBA college. Presently the meetings are conducted every Wednesday at the Engineering college.

Where is it?
Almost l00 kms from Trivandrum beyond Nagercoil on the way to Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu). It is known for the amazing fleet of windmills located in and around the area which is said to be the second largest in the world. Among the college students Vadakankulam is commonly referred to as Vadax.

It has always been the desire of Pastor Jacob’s heart that many years down the road, when we meet or hear about the fellowship students, we would know that they are married, blessed with children, well-settled in life, active in their local church or fellowship and in the center of God’s will wherever they are. Then would we say that our going to Vadax has been fruitful. To see new leaders born, to see lost souls getting saved, to help them see the only Way and keep growing in the Lord even after they leave the college is the vision.



And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in them, I heard saying “Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, forever and ever (Rev 5:13). Together in one accord, Heavenly Voice, voices out the worthiness of our King. We look forward in training lives to sing for the glory of God .
Prof. Varkey Philip leads the team which specializes in the old and new favorites. The practice is on every Saturday at 4:00 pm. Do join in and lend in your voices.